This is an archive of the Smiley Productions website. Our games are still available for download, but this site is no longer maintained, and the forums do not function. A Smiley Productions Google Group has been started for anyone who would like to stay in touch. Thanks to everyone for the many years of support!

About us

Smiley Productions is a group of independent software developers that have been working together since 1994. It was founded by Smiley, and has grown to include many other people.

More information

  • List of contributors - want to know who makes the games? View the full list of designers, testers, and other helpful folks here.
  • Characters - who or what is that green blob thing anyway? Learn more about Smiley and other characters here.
  • Copyright information - find out how you can freely use our creations.

Contact us

There are two ways to contact us. If you have a comment about a game or have found a bug, please create a username and post in the forum. That way we can respond to your comment more easily.

If you have a question about the website or Smiley Productions, you can use the contact form to send us a message by email.