This is an archive of the Smiley Productions website. Our games are still available for download, but this site is no longer maintained, and the forums do not function. A Smiley Productions Google Group has been started for anyone who would like to stay in touch. Thanks to everyone for the many years of support!


This is a list of the major characters featured in Smiley Productions games. There are plenty of other characters out there, but there's no way we could list them all!


Smiley is the unofficial defender of his hometown, Smile City. He doesn't have any special abilities other than his stubborn optimism, but this attitude seems to get him through many difficult situations.


Frown's anger is just as constant as Smiley's happiness. Time and time again, Smiley puts a stop to his plans for world domination, but Frown always comes back with a more devious plot. He is quite an inventor, having created countless machines to use in the fight against Smiley.


Smilette is Smiley's sibling. Like all blobs, Smilette is neither male nor female. However, she does wear a bow, and she prefers to be referred to as a female; in a world full of similar-looking blobs, this is her own way of standing out.

King Smile

King Smile is the ruler of Smile Kingdom. He is generally agreed upon as a just ruler, although he has not yet distinguished himself from his predecessors. Much of his time is spent defending the city from Frown, leading to his worried expression.


Happy has always been a close friend of Smiley. His shape is round, giving him the ability to roll like a ball; this can be helpful when he has to get somewhere quickly. Happy's original home is far away with the others of his kind, but Smile City has become just as much of a home to him.


Grin is a close friend to both Smiley and Happy. Grin is a pacifist and refuses to fight, but he still tries to help out in the battle against Frown. He can often be found squeezing through tight spaces, carrying supplies to Smiley.


Shades wears sunglasses to hide an injury he sustained when he was younger, an injury that has left him blind in one eye. He is usually a loner, but he and Smiley often find themselves working towards the same goal.

Bad Blob

Bad Blob has been one of Frown's lackeys for as long as anyone can remember. Nobody (not even Frown) knows where he is from, or if "Bad Blob" is actually his real name; he seldom speaks, and he never mentions his past. It is rumored that he was banished from his home for acts of cruelty, but so far this is just a rumor.


Scowl is one of Frown's most trusted associates. Scowl and Happy actually knew each other long ago, when Scowl was known as Bounce. One day Bounce mysteriously disappeared, and was gone for several years. When he returned he had changed; Bounce was now angry and cruel, and he had adopted the name of Scowl. Rumors say that the Twisted is the cause of his corruption, but nobody is sure.

Boomer, Basher, and Blaster

These robots were created by Frown tp fight against Smiley. They were designed after the likenesses of Frown (Boomer), Bad Blob (Basher), and Scowl (Blaster). Each has been equipped with powerful weapons and strong armor, making them formidable opponents.


Shadow has the unique ability to manipulate shadows, giving him an advantage once darkness falls. Shadow is an opportunist, and has no loyalties; he has been known to work with many of Smiley's enemies, including Frown.


Terror is a skilled swordsman with a very short temper. He is a close ally of Baron Von Grimace; together, the two of them are powerful and merciless, and those who get in their way will face a fierce battle.

Baron Von Grimace

Baron Von Grimace has studied the corrupting energy of the Twisted, intending to use its dark powers for his own evil plans. Unfortunately, being exposed to such darkness has driven him insane, and it seems that he is being used by the forces he once tried to control.


Not much is known about Scorpio. Few who see him live to tell about his blistering gaze, and those that do are forever changed by it. Some believe that Scorpio plays a central part in the Twisted, the mysterious force that is corrupting the world. Near Smile City, however, both Scorpio and the Twisted are nothing more than rumors.