This is an archive of the Smiley Productions website. Our games are still available for download, but this site is no longer maintained, and the forums do not function. A Smiley Productions Google Group has been started for anyone who would like to stay in touch. Thanks to everyone for the many years of support!


This is a list of people who made or tested software, maintained the website, or have been otherwise helpful to us. If you have helped us and weren't listed, let someone know and we will add you.


Ben created games under the name "SpinSpaceGames," but his games were often released jointly with Smiley Productions. His best known game was Mario vs. Smiley, which is now lost to the ages.


Bill has been a long-time tester for Smiley Productions. He occasionally designs games as well; Boss Battles is his best-known title to date.


Although never a formal member of Smiley Productions, Chris contributed ideas on several major projects, including the never-completed game Shadow Realm. He now helps us with beta testing.


Dan has been a great help in the development of Invade Earth. From adding new features to fixing stubborn bugs, we wouldn't have been able to get anything done without his input.


Dither created several games, as well as producing a short demo of the epic-in-scope Smiley RPG. Dither also served as site admin during Smiley's hiatus from the group.


Harvy is the head of the Invade Earth project. He has completed several other games, including the Boss 'n' Bonus games and Two Sorcerers. During Smiley's absence, he served as site administrator.


James has been a long-time supporter and tester at Smiley Productions. He also helped directly with the Vitalize! arcade and Smiley Online.


MadProf created Roller Park; he was also one of the only contributors to the ambitious OpenClick project. He has helped us extensively with beta testing.


Smiley, the founder of Smiley Productions, is the current site administrator. He created many of the original Smiley games, including both the Smiley's Adventure series and Smile Kombat.


Tempyst was mainly a beta tester for Smiley Productions, but he occasionally worked on projects of his own.


Thomasca was a beta tester at Smiley Productions. He occasionally worked on game projects.


Thores briefly worked on an RPG Maker 2000 game called John's Adventure, but his greatest contributions have been beta testing and general ideas.


Vickor worked on several projects and briefly served as site admin. He was the main contributor to Smiley Online.


Xerus, formerly known as Shades, has been a long-time contributor to the group. He designed The Puffs 2, and has worked on several other (yet unfinished) games.