This is an archive of the Smiley Productions website. Our games are still available for download, but this site is no longer maintained, and the forums do not function. A Smiley Productions Google Group has been started for anyone who would like to stay in touch. Thanks to everyone for the many years of support!

Copyright information

All content produced by Smiley Productions is freely available to the public. Much of our work is more than simply free to view; whenever possible, we also allow you to copy, modify, and use our work in any way you would like.

There are a few exceptions to this rule. The text and graphics found on this website are available under a Creative Commons license. This license contains two important terms that you must follow if you use our content:

  • You must give us credit for our work. We like to be recognized for what we do.
  • Any work that you produce based on our content must be released under the same terms as this original license.

Licenses such as this one are often termed "copyleft," but they are based on copyright laws. Copyleft is a special application of copyright that enforces sharing of content.

Why copyleft? We choose to use this type of license because it increases the body of work that is available to content producers. When a work is "locked up" behind typical copyright laws, people cannot use it without the threat of a lawsuit. This runs contrary to the goal of Smiley Productions; we want people to build off of our work. We hope that by doing so, we will help someone build something even better--which we can then build off of--creating a cycle of ever-improving works.

For more information on copyleft, visit the following websites.