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Invade Earth network guide

This guide describes how to set up and join a network game in Invade Earth.


To play a game of Invade Earth over the network, you must connect to a computer that is running the Invade Earth server. Only one player needs to run the server, but every player that wants to play (including the server operator) needs to run the client software.

Starting a server

To launch the Invade Earth server, click the link on the main Invade Earth page (or just click here).

When you launch the server, it will attempt to automatically detect your local IP address. The default value should be acceptable, but if you have problems connecting to your server, try changing the address to "".

If you are behind a router or a firewall, you may need to open port 2210, forward connections on port 2210 to your computer, or both. How to do this will vary depending on what router and operating system you have:

  • If your computer is running Windows XP, the built-in firewall may be blocking connections to the server. Follow the instructions here to open port 2210 on your computer.
  • If your computer is an Apple computer, OS X may be blocking connections to the server. Follow the instructions here to open port 2210 on your computer.
  • Some antivirus software provides a built-in firewall that could be blocking connections to your server. Either turn off this firewall or follow the manufacturer's instructions to allow incoming connections on port 2210.
  • If you are behind a router or wireless access point, you may need to set up port forwarding for your computer. Check to see if your device is listed here and follow the directions to forward port 2210 to your computer.

Once the server is running, other people can connect to it using the Invade Earth client. If you would like to make the game private, do not advertise it on the main server list; simply give the other players your IP address and they will be able to connect directly to you. If you do not know your IP address (or if it is listed as "" or something beginning with "192.168"), go to to discover your address.

If you would like to make the game publicly accessible, click on the "Advertise" button and fill in the values to describe your game. Once you are satisfied with the description, check the box that says "Display advertisement on global server." Your game will appear on the global server list, and anyone will be able to connect to your server. Be sure to click the "Update" button if you change the description; this will update your game's information.

Once a game is started, you may want to check the box labeled "Block 'new game' commands." This will prevent others from joining your server and resetting your game.

Connecting to a server

To connect to a server, open the main Invade Earth client and select "Connect" from the "Game" menu. If you know the IP address of the server, type it in; if the game is on your computer, the default should be sufficient. Click "Connect" to connect to the server.

Note: the connection dialog can also be accessed from the new game dialog.

If you do not know the IP address or you would like to browse for a game, click the "Server List" button. Invade Earth will load and display a list of public games. To connect to a game, select it and click "Connect." If nobody is running a public server, you will need to start your own server to play a network game. If you use an RSS feed reader, there is an active server feed available that may help you track active games.

Once you are connected, you should change the name that is shown in the lower left and type something into the message box. This will let other players know who you are.

Starting a network game

Once you are connected to a server, one player should start a game as usual. Only one player should attempt to start the game.

To add human players, check the Human/Agent drop-down box; all players connected to the server should be listed. Click on a player and select a name from this box to add humans to the game.


If you have a problem such as a lost connection, remember that you can save the game and reload it once everyone has reconnected. If a player has left the game, you can select an Agent to take his or her place.

If you have other problems, please let us know in the forums.