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Bug in Secret Mission?


I was playing Risk Classic with secret mission yesterday, and something weird happened.

My friend had the mission "Occupy 24 territories with at least two armies in each territory".

When we play we like to go after world domination when possible, to maximize the humiliation :P, so my friend intentionally left only 1 army in each of his territories, while he plowed forward with his main army (towards world domination).

After taking his 24th territory, the game ends and he wins, but as stated, he only has one army in each territory (except for two with three, one with two, and his "main" army of five), and he only has 33 armies in total.

I can provide a screenshot if needed :)

Re: Bug in Secret Mission?

I just did a few more games and can confirm it's the same every time.

Re: Bug in Secret Mission?

Thanks for testing it!
The 18 territories mission requires 2 per territory. With 24 territories, it should be 1 army per territory. I think the card text just says "Occupy 24 territories."

Re: Bug in Secret Mission?

There is indeed a mission called "Occupy 24",
but there is also a mission called "Occupy 24 territories with at least two armies in each territory", and it is the latter mission that is bugged.

Re: Bug in Secret Mission?

Then it's probably a typo in the card text. I don't think there should be such a mission.
It wouldn't be very fair to have two identical missions, but one requires double the number of armies! (The board game doesn't have "occupy 24 /w 2 each", either.)

Re: Bug in Secret Mission?

That's some typo :P

When I create a custom secret mission game, I can change the following values.

TerritoriesWithTwoMission: 18
TerritoriesMission: 24
ContinentsMission: 4, 1; 4, 3; 0, 3; 0, 5; 2, 1, -1; 2, 5, -1
TerritoriesWithTwoMissionCount: 1
TerritoriesMissionCount: 1

Care to explain how they work exactly, I can't find anything about it in the manual :)

Re: Bug in Secret Mission?

After looking at it a bit more, I reckon I figured out a thing or two hehe...

TerritoriesMission: 24
TerritoriesMissionCount: 1
Is the number of 'Occupy' territories, right?
When paired with TerritoriesMissionCount: 1,
does that mean there is only 1 of that mission?

4,1 (Asia + South America)
4,3 (Asia + Africa)
0,3 (North America + Africa)
0,5 (North America + Australia)
2,1,-1 (Europe + South America + Any)
2,5,-1 (Europe + Australia + Any)

But that means there are only 6 of those missions available,
and you won't have anyone with the same continent mission.

If above is correct, I only need to figure out what these are:

TerritoriesWithTwoMission: 18
TerritoriesWithTwoMissionCount: 1

Re: Bug in Secret Mission?

wow, you must like Secret Mission Risk :) Good guesses though.

TerritoriesMission -- for the "occupy X territories" mission, the value of X. Normally 24.
TerritoriesMissionCount -- how many copies of the mission in the secret mission deck

You can add any number of continent missions. If you add the same one multiple times there will be multiple copies of it in the mission deck. Yes, "-1" means any continent. If you use another map or something, the numbers are the indices of the continents (so it could work on the 2210 or Godstorm map, for example, as long as there are enough continents).

TerritoriesWithTwoMission -- for the "occupy X with 2 armies in each territory" mission, the value of X. Normally 18.
TerritoriesWithTwoMission -- how many copies of the mission in the secret mission deck

I found your typo... that's really strange. I have some ideas... if I ever have time I'll look at it.

Re: Bug in Secret Mission?

hehe yeah, I like secret mission a lot, it's sometimes really refreshing playing a quick mission game, instead of the standard 2210 A.D.

What I would like even more though, is a way to play 2210 A.D. with secret missions enabled. The standard missions could easily apply, with minor balance tweaks of course.

Would it be possible to implement into Invade Earth, without rewriting the whole thing?

Re: Bug in Secret Mission?

Unfortunately it would be rather tricky. Both Secret Mission Risk and 2210 are implemented as subclasses of Classic Risk. I imagine it could be done without completely starting over, but it would take some serious work and debugging. That would be sweet though... add it to me list of "things to do if I ever rewrite Invade Earth."

Re: Bug in Secret Mission?

Man, I wish I knew how to code java, I really would love to give a helping hand. Unfortunately, I'm more of a SQL developer hehe.

Anyway, appreciate the effort, Invade Earth is a kick ass app.

Don't let it die, revamp it and make it even more cool, hell I'd buy the new version :D

Re: Bug in Secret Mission?

Alright... I did what I could (see the new forum thread). Let me know what happens with "secret mission 2210" risk... I didn't test it at all (except to see that it loads and has missions).