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custom rules

when i play custom rules the game stops at year 7.

Re: custom rules

You can set the ending year in custom rules. If you set it to "-1" the game is "total elimination." Make sure to hit "enter" after you type a value.

Re: custom rules

i only play games to total domination. Is there any chance of adding the option to take away the colony influence cards as they are pointless with total domination. Also, after numerous devastating errors in games i think an undo button would be good incase there is a wrong click here or there which could ruin a game easily

Re: custom rules

Removing colony card would unbalance the decks (since they don't all have the same number of CI). Still, if it's what you wanted... I might do it when I have time.

Undo just isn't feasible to implement. The only suggestion I have is to use the Alt+1 (+2, +3) for placing 1 (or 2 or 3) units and be careful where you click :S

Re: custom rules

were do i put in the -1?

AdjacentValue 1.0
FriendlyContinentValue 1.2
HostileContinentValue -0.4
UnitMultiplier -0.75
FreeMoveChance 0.9
MinAttackMotivation 1.5
MinAttackStrength 2
NeutralValue 7.0
ContinentLockedInValue 0.0
ContinentNotLockedInValue -0.3
DominationThreshold 0.55
DominationUnitMultiplier -0.1
MinEnergyForPurchase 3
MinEnergyForUnitPurchase 6
BerserkOnLastTurn true
LeaveBehindContinentBorder 0.5
LeaveWithImmobileUnits 2.0
OneNeutralLeftInContinent 25.0
SpecialUnitMultiplier 2.5
LockedInValue -30.0
LandingSiteValue 6.0
MinRandomAttacksPerTurn 0
MaxRandomAttacksPerTurn 0

Re: custom rules

That looks like the AI customization dialog.
You can get the "custom rules" dialog by selecting one of the "New ... With Custom Rules" from the Game menu.

The variable name you want is called something like EndYear.

Re: custom rules

ok...........i did that and it goes straight to the player window

Re: custom rules

Right, and when you finish with that window, you get the "custom rules" dialog.

Re: custom rules

okay either i was missing where to put it in or it wasn't there .................................... ?????????????????

Re: custom rules

Try to describe exactly what you clicked and saw.
If you choose "New With Custom Rules" and "start", it should have the Custom Rules dialog. Then you change EndYear to -1.

Re: custom rules

I could actually do with some clarification myself on a few things. I can understand quite easily what most of the custom rules do, and for the sake of others, I will go ahead and write them down below, but perhaps someone can then explain the ones that I don't understand.

I do understand....

The amount of cards you can purchase on your turn.

The amount of energy each player begins the game with.

The number of countries that can not be used during the game. Devastated countries do NOT need to be occupied to get the continent special. However, if you select the number of devastated areas too high, you may end up with a few territories that are completely accessible.

This can only be "True" or "False". "1" or "0" might also work, depending on how the code works, but I haven't tried them and would just stick with True or False.

This variable determines whether or not cards are "put back in the deck" after being played.

This is the year that the game ends on. As mentioned above, -1 makes the game last until everyone is destroyed.

I'm fairly certain that this variable refers to the number of units each side receives in a 2-player game.

Also fairly certain that this effects how many units are subtracted from each player's total per addition of another player.

So if you had StartingRegularUnits at 50, and Starting UnitsSubtrahend at 5, with one additional player (3 players total), you would each start with 45 units. For two additional players (4 total), you would each start with 40, et cetera.

The minimum number of units each player starts with. That means, even if you have 30 players (which would be ridiculous!), this is the smallest number of units that each player starts with.

This variable controls how many territories is needed to get the bonus, which is 1 energy and 1 command card. So if you defeat this many units, you will get that bonus.

The maximum number of countries you can relocate units from after all your invasions are done. This does not effect the Redeployment effect which gives you an extra free move at the end of your turn.

Only true or false. This will let you choose your own territories or randomly pick them for all the players.

The maximum number of dice that can be used to defend yourself. You can set this to practically any number.

Same as defense dice except for the attacker.

Ones I don't know about will be a separate post.

Re: custom rules

Okay, so here are ones Im not completely sure about:

I tried playing around with it but can't quite figure it out, and that's the one I really wanna know about.

Others I'm not 100% on are:



pretty sure this means don't acknowledge invasions when they don't have a card that could effect the battle.

I'm pretty sure this means that you can use your free move to move troops to any connected territory, rather than just one in which is adjacent. Haven't played around with it though so I'm not sure, really.