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Risk 2210 Map

First, I would like to say, well done.

Secondly, I'm just wondering about the legality of using the Risk 2210 content / map. I'm in the process of developing a web-based offshoot of the game, based on your version. I notice you've GPL'd it, which I intend on doing as well, but I'm curious if that truly covers the legal issues of using their (Avalon Hill's) map, state / country names, and cards.

If I do manage to complete anything, I will pretty well 'borrowing' all the real content from you and Avalon Hill, and I don't want to be slapped with a lawsuit due to the use. The rules of the game will probably be changed (significantly) to incorporate my plans, but the look / feel of the game will hopefully remain intact.

Any help with the legal considerations you underwent would be great.

- John

Re: Risk 2210 Map

First of all, glad to see that someone is using the code and content. I hope that your project is successful; please let us know when you finish so we can see your work!

We actually created the maps ourselves; as for the card names, I do not believe that they are trademarked, so they should not fall under any protections. Game rules are specifically exempted from copyright, so they would not be protected either.

Believe me, I was pretty thorough in researching this, since I'm hosting all the content. :) You should be okay. (IANAL though.)

Good luck!

Re: Risk 2210 Map

Wonderful, thanks for the prompt reply.

- John