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Impossible AIs

Hey Guys,

Ive been trying to mess around with the AIs to make them difficult but I find I still havent found the perfect AIs to make my game a struggle. I was wondering what all of you guys edit your AIs to to keep the game a challenge. Maybe if you guys could write in what you all personally edit I could try them all out. Thanks.

Re: Impossible AIs


Re: Impossible AIs

Unfortunately the AIs are very difficult to improve, as Risk is a complex game with lots of variables to consider.

We've all tried editing the settings quite a few times but without much success -- I think the current settings are probably the best you will get in most circumstances.

Re: Impossible AIs

I don't know how these AI's are programmed, but typically a machine player generates all possible moves into the future, then discards unfavorable board positions.

In a game like chess, a competent machine player could be as little as one or two pages of code. That's because it's just a loop that assigns a value to each possible position, then chooses the highest value position and makes the necessary moves to get there. (Chess also doesn't have dice, so it's much simpler.)

Trying to write an AI that "reasons" is often more hassle than it's worth. AI "goals" can be incorporated by assigning a higher value to board positions that take supply centers, kill commanders, or break up continents.

In my first game tonight, I thought the machine "betas" were fairly aggressive, but they made some awful moves, such as land-locking huge armies, or attacking with inferior firepower.

Re: Impossible AIs

They don't do any state-space searches (necessary to avoid tactical errors like landlocking). They only have a moderately-sophisticated heuristic to value each territory at any given board state, then they attack valuable territories according to a few simple rules.

Re: Impossible AIs

Well, what is the best AI stat combination that people have come up with? I am just about to experiment with it myself.