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Conection problems, new to invadeearth

Hi, im new to this game and i noticed that almost nobody plays it anymore(newest post i could find was bout 15 weeks ago), anyway, if anybody sees this and wants to help xD, i checked all the network posts but my problems seems to be a little different, i forwarded the ports needed and my friend tried to connect to my game using my IP, a sound played (like a house knock door alarm)and in the conection status the 0 changed to 1(as if it detected someone), but in the invade earth client nothing appeared, he wasnt in the lobby and we couldnt chat, whenever he exits a door locking sound played like if some1 left the game, we tried it over and over but with the same results, its just like the client wont detect ppl joining but the invadeearthserver does, any clues?, i would appreciate any help, thnx.

Re: Conection problems, new to invadeearth

You both have to join the server. Even though you are running your client on the same computer as the server, you must connect to it. When the number of connections is 2 you should be able to chat/play.