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How good are the saved games?

I played my first game of Invade Earth tonight and found it very good. I saved a couple of times in case I made a placement mistake, which I did.

Of course I saved at the beginning of my turn.

When I reloaded the game, it fell back from year 4 to 3 and in the middle of another player's turn. My unit counts on the territories were not accurate, and one territory had 2 naval commanders and 2 nuclear commanders (clearly a bug).

My earlier save worked, but that was back in year 1. Having lost all of year 3's progress, I quit the game.

So...have you guys tested the save game functionality?

Re: How good are the saved games?

I tested it a bit, hadn't had any problems like that. Sorry it's not a very robust program. Really it's a bit of a monster from several years ago. But it's fun and works a lot of the time, so I still let people play it :)

Re: How good are the saved games?

I think that you did a very good job with this program. When I first found it on the internet, I was all like... yea... this is gonna suck, but as it turns out, the game was actually quite amazing. Even though the AI's aren't too bright, it gave me someone to play against, which was very exciting, and the fact that you can play with others over the internet makes this game totally worth keeping on my computer.

Having said all my praise now... I DID notice this sort of problem as well. The save function is barely functional from my experience. I've been having problems with the game freezing up when I have a lot of computer players, and it usually happens far into the game, too. So I started making a lot of saved games, and it would still send me back many years of progress in the game. So I tried making separate saves giving each save a unique name, and they are all saved on the same year very early in the game.

I think what is happening is that whatever your first save is ends up being whatever it makes the new save, and the save after that, and so on and so on until you exit the program. Sounds like it might be an easy fix to me. =/

Re: How good are the saved games?

If I had the motivation, I might recode a large chunk of I.E. I know a lot more than I did when I started. Actually I have programmed a network/save/load/AI library that works a lot better than the stuff in I.E., but I would need to redo the game rules, display, and AI. It might be worth it, since Sourceforge says a lot of people still play it.

edit ... the problem with saves is some kind of race condition with threads. I remember it was impossible to debug. It works only when offline.

Re: How good are the saved games?

I honestly just started playing the game. But I could imagine 500 people other than myself randomly stumbling upon the game and trying it out because there is honestly like no other free version of the game. And like many computer people, I don't necessarily want to have to go out of my way to buy an official game.

But even if you never come out with another update for it, I would still probably play it at least once a week, even though I can completely destroy the computers with no effort now.