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Combining 2210 with Mars

I'm really bad at using the map editor. What I wanted to try doing was to simply combine Invade Earth with Risk: Mars - with space connections between the Moon and Phobos/Deimos.

Problem is that this is nearly impossible without the original map images - I don't know how much time/effort it would take to combine them, but I think it would be pretty fun - at the least, can you make the background image pictures available? It will make map editor work a lot easier.

I can never even figure out how to get the map editor to work properly though.

Re: Combining 2210 with Mars

If you get the InvadeEarthResources.jar file (should be cached on your computer, it's also on the web) you can open it and get all the images. The simplest way to open it is to rename as .zip ;)
Also the source code repository has all the images.