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How to play

Hello friends.
First off all excuse me for my english, it is not my mother tongue. I am very interested in playing invade earth but my knowledges about networks are very short. I am using an imac with snow leopard and my firewall is not activated. I am connecting internet trough a router, it´s a typical connection like all almost homes. My problem is when I search for a match anyone appears in the server list and if I create a new one, nobody connects to it. So how can I play with another human players?. I have read the forum posts but this doesn´t work, could be a problem with router ports?
Thank you for your help

Re: How to play

Not many people play these days. If no one appears on the list it's probably because no one is on! You'll have to find someone or arrange a time. If you look through forum posts some people have posted their e-mails or IM info that might play a game.