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cannot connect

A friend and I were going to play Invade Earth over the internet, but I cannot figure out why it won't connect.

I have my router's port (2210) open, I have the firewall on my computer accepting on that port also. When I connect to the server, I use my routers IP as the server host IP (since that was the one that was automatically gained, a 192.168... IP). I then gave my actual IP to my friend. However, every time he tried to connect to that IP, it kept giving him an error message that the host could not be located. It also gave me the same error when I tried to start a server using my personal IP address.

When I use the router's IP, and advertise the game, my friend can see the listing, but it won't allow him to join, so I'm almost positive that the error/issue is with a setting on my router, but I'm not sure what it could be. The port is open and enabled (2210), and anonymous IPs are not blocked. What else do I need to be looking at?

Re: cannot connect

maybe port forwarding on the router.
It might be easier to have your friend host if he isn't behind a router.

Re: cannot connect

I think i might have figured it out, but my friend is out of town for the week. I had port forwarding turned on at the router, but after a week of debilitating, I realized that my modem/ROUTER also needs to know to have port forwarding turned on as well. Will let you know. Thanks.

Re: cannot connect

Still running into problems. I've done everything listed in the Network Guide, opened ports on both router and modem/router. Continuing to have issues. My friend keeps getting a 'timed out' error, and mine just gives me a connection error when I try to connect to my own game.