This is an archive of the Smiley Productions website. Our games are still available for download, but this site is no longer maintained, and the forums do not function. A Smiley Productions Google Group has been started for anyone who would like to stay in touch. Thanks to everyone for the many years of support!

Invade Earth

Invade Earth network guide

This guide describes how to set up and join a network game in Invade Earth.


To play a game of Invade Earth over the network, you must connect to a computer that is running the Invade Earth server. Only one player needs to run the server, but every player that wants to play (including the server operator) needs to run the client software.

Starting a server

To launch the Invade Earth server, click the link on the main Invade Earth page (or just click here).

Invade Earth manual

This is the online manual for the game Invade Earth.


Invade Earth is based on the popular game Risk 2210 A.D.™ by Avalon Hill. View the Risk 2210 A.D. rule book for instructions on game play. We have been careful to implement the rules exactly as they are written, so veterans of the board game should have little trouble learning Invade Earth.

Invade Earth

Platform: Any platform that supports Sun's Java 5.0 or higher
Players: Any number of human or computer players
Project lead: Harvy
Latest release: 3.1.1 (released 01/25/2008)


Invade Earth is based on the popular game Risk 2210 A.D.™ by Avalon Hill. Features of the game include the following:

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