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I got married on the 17th and just returned from a honeymoon in Quebec :)

Ye ol' internet commerce

My dad wants to set up a pay-for-download service (for his textbook which I'd guess is in PDF format) on his website, and I know embarrassingly little about such matters.

So far I've found:

Any common and easy solutions you might know of?

So, my band has a website now.

Please give it a try:

If you like it... tell your friends...
If you don't like it... tell them anyway...

Yeah, I hate myspace but it's so ubiquitous now, I figured it's the best way to go.

Small issue with site

I accidentally typed in the wrong password when logging in, and it gave me a link to this page:

I clicked it out of curiosity, and, well, it isn't very helpful if you know what I mean.

Imminent hard drive failure

My computer claimed for a while that my 40G hard disk was dead, though now it runs and makes funny noises. I figure it could die any time, so I took the opportunity to backup important stuff on CD and buy a 320G disk :D now I will partition it and get linux. (btw, any recommendations for a particular installation?)

Smiley Pro, the site for expecting mothers.

Or so the ads around here would make you think.,, etc...

I wish I could be working on my game instead of making useless posts, but a full-time job eats up a ton of time.

Social etiquette in online games

Not really surprising, but interesting nonetheless: link


Don't let people psyche you out into not playing words :)
I spent a long time planning and finding a Bingo that hit two triple word scores for a total of 131 points (GELATINS) then the other players convinced me that it wasn't a word :( We checked the dictionary after the game. We were in a bit of a hurry to finish, so I didn't want to spend more time deliberating.....

Well at least I can be happy to find such a word. I can't play Scrabble very often because I obsess over finding Bingos.

Burning software recommendations?

I find myself burning CDs quite frequently these days. Usually I'm tranferring my own music into a more portable medium, or copying CDs so that I don't scratch up my original copies.

For quite some time I've used Windows Media Player to copy and burn CDs. I don't really have a lot of qualms about it, except for the fact that it has that annoying "two-second pause" between tracks that I can't turn off. It also messed with the sound quality to a degree.

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