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Invade Earth

Invade Earth new place to play

Hi all,

I know a lot of people don't play this game anymore, but soon Invade Earth will be hosted permanently at Voobly via a client with a lobby. I'm an administrator over at Voobly and I also love playing Invade Earth. Sadly, it's almost impossible to get a game going since we have to self host a server to get players. I'll post when the implementation is complete.

Jonathon, I'm assuming this is OK as it's free to play on voobly. Please let me know your thoughts.


Does any one play invadeearth


i just fought this game and its awesome but the computer easy. jw if any play this game hit me up if you want to play sum time

Any chance of an Android port?

Hi Guys

This is an almost perfect port of the actual game thankyou! :)

Unfortunately though, there is very little in the way of good RISK clones on Android.

I am not a programmer by any stretch of the imagination, but google tells me that the only changes needed to port this would be to the GUI, is this correct? Would it be too hard for someone who still has little to no clue?

Or would someone be willing to give it a go? I know this is open source, but I'm sure I and others are allowed make some kind of donation for the trouble :) aren't we?

Thanks again :)

Anyone interested in a 2on2 match?

Reply if you have a friend and wanna play a risk 2210 or any other invade earth game against me and my friend..


Finding people to play with.

What's the best place to find other players?

Disable "Assume Player" and 'Replace With AI'

I have been playing invade earth online with my friends and we have all been enjoying it very much. Recently my friends discovered the 'Agent' tab, which allows them to do the equivalent of a boardflip.

Is there any way to disable the 'assume player' and 'replace with AI' options for multiplayer?

cannot connect

A friend and I were going to play Invade Earth over the internet, but I cannot figure out why it won't connect.

How to play

Hello friends.

Combining 2210 with Mars

I'm really bad at using the map editor. What I wanted to try doing was to simply combine Invade Earth with Risk: Mars - with space connections between the Moon and Phobos/Deimos.

Problem is that this is nearly impossible without the original map images - I don't know how much time/effort it would take to combine them, but I think it would be pretty fun - at the least, can you make the background image pictures available? It will make map editor work a lot easier.

I can never even figure out how to get the map editor to work properly though.

How good are the saved games?

I played my first game of Invade Earth tonight and found it very good. I saved a couple of times in case I made a placement mistake, which I did.

Of course I saved at the beginning of my turn.

When I reloaded the game, it fell back from year 4 to 3 and in the middle of another player's turn. My unit counts on the territories were not accurate, and one territory had 2 naval commanders and 2 nuclear commanders (clearly a bug).

My earlier save worked, but that was back in year 1. Having lost all of year 3's progress, I quit the game.

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