This is an archive of the Smiley Productions website. Our games are still available for download, but this site is no longer maintained, and the forums do not function. A Smiley Productions Google Group has been started for anyone who would like to stay in touch. Thanks to everyone for the many years of support!


defense in classic mode: bug?

I've tryied classic risk mode, but when we're making an attack the defender can defend with only 2 dices, even if there'are more than 3 tanks on the fields?

thanks in advnace


Network Game Problems

My girlfriend and I have connected onto the same lobby, but when we try to start a game, neither of us succeed. We both get the same result, we select ourselves as players and try to start game but neither screen shows the game.

My girlfriend hosted the game and selected block new game, preventing us from starting a new game.

Invade Earth Connecting

I'm having trouble connecting to Invade Earth. I was able to do it earlier today with my friends, but now we cannot. We try clicking on the link to launch the Invade Earth server and then tell everyone the IP that is given, but everytime people try to connect and use the IP, it says that the connection failed. What are we doing wrong? Thanks.

Javascript Error when starting Invade Earth Server

I am receiving an error when i start the Invade Earth server

Error Starting Server cannot assign requested address: JVM_Bind

i am putting in my WAN IP address, and setting port 50000.

so what am I doing wrong.


Problem hosting server & people connecting

I've been following the network instructions on how to host a game (which are very clear thank you).

When I get the "Server" window open, and it has an IP (which isn't mine strangely)it has the options to Advertise and shut down, as well as the Block "new games" command.

Now that that window is open, am I hosting?

I looked for my hosted game using invade earth/game/connect but couldn't find it.

Land death trap bug

I played land death trap:
I had 3 pieces on a space station (no commanders)
opponent had 5 pieces and a land commander.

After the land death trap he had 2 units and a land commander and after the attack he had 0 units and a land commander (lost on both dice).

Now i get the question: "To where will the units retreat?" ... noting I select is a valid move.

Invade Earth: Neutral Territories on Mars

Here's a bug to fix the next time Invade Earth gets a touch up.

I've noticed that players (computer or humans) can place an army during the start (prologue) of the game. However, according to the old belgum2210 scan (*/

"Players do not start in the neutral territories".

I can't confirm, but I thought that the neutral territories didn't have associated territory cards, as well.

Lord of the rings Risk

I'm interested in adding Lord of the Rings Risk to the stable of versions that are available for invade earth. I've started the process by creating a map. I'm not sure how to attach an attachment. I'll attempt to put the text below. Be interested in what is involved in adding the other rules for lord of the rings.

Had some difficulties with the custom map. I therefore have attached it here although I've replaced the less than sign with the percent symbol.

%?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
%game version="3.1.4">

player dropouts in Risk 2210

The last few times I have hosted a network game, we have had problems with other players being disconnected(unable to play) in the middle of the game. If they reconnect and try to assume the current player it never seems to work. Tonight I played with someone else hosting and another player and myself both had issues with the game freezing up in mid game. The odd thing was that I wasn't disconnected from the server after this happened. I tried to disconnect and reconnect but could not assume my player.

Trouble invading the (occupied) moon.

I buy a Space Commander but more often than not I can't invade the moon. I can totally conquer earth but the moon will be off limits. It's works better if there's an unoccupied territory up there but if it's all occupied I can't attack. It's weird. Any advice?

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