This is an archive of the Smiley Productions website. Our games are still available for download, but this site is no longer maintained, and the forums do not function. A Smiley Productions Google Group has been started for anyone who would like to stay in touch. Thanks to everyone for the many years of support!

Developer's Corner

New program

I found this board game at a used book store for $6:

I couldn't find any (free or otherwise) implementations of it online, except for "Java Terrace", which doesn't support online play (it's just a board).
The game is pretty cool, offering a rather odd twist on chess/checkers, and is fun to play with 2-4 people (though 2 is quite different from 3 or 4). Seems to be out of print. Anyway I wrote a Terrace GUI with a simple AI. However, I'm more interested in online play.

Board games

Nice framework / server for board games... I'm messing around to see how hard it is to use.

Customizable board game programming

I've been thinking a lot about how to program a board game in the most customizable way possible. Something occurred to me...

Question about music files.

I don't feel like researching this so I figured I'd ask first.

I've noticed a trend in modern Click games to use external files with weird extensions to play music. These tend to produce music of a much better quality than midi. I'm interested in these, but I've no idea how they work. Are they similar to mp3s...simply "recorded sound" or do they produce sounds through channels on the sound card in a way that a MIDI file would? What software would you use to make one of these, anyway? I have notation software, but that's MIDI only.

How's this sound?

After playing Chalk, I got to thinking about original gameplay ideas... and came up with this:

J2ME games

Has anyone ever worked with J2ME? It might be an interesting project to make a little game for cell phones... I don't know how much work goes into J2ME games, but it can't be that much. I worked with BREW in college, but nobody uses it anymore.

We could always make a Smiley game, but I was hoping to find a version of Super Buster Brothers for my cell phone, and it looks like there isn't one out there yet. (We'd have to name it something else of course.)

Smiley's to do list for the website

* Image gallery CSS
* Finish character images
* Make and submit a Debian/Ubuntu Invade Earth package
* Wikipedia article on Invade Earth (once there is a package)

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