This is an archive of the Smiley Productions website. Our games are still available for download, but this site is no longer maintained, and the forums do not function. A Smiley Productions Google Group has been started for anyone who would like to stay in touch. Thanks to everyone for the many years of support!

The Vault

The Vault is where old and unfinished software ends up. These games can still be fun to play, so we have made them available for you here.

Unless otherwise specified, the games here are only compatible with Windows 2000/XP.

Retired software

Egghead 2

Author: Xerus
In this game, follow Egghead as he searches for the source of his wild dreams. Egghead can spit small projectiles to destroy his enemies, but watch out; there are lots of enemies to destroy! Fight your way through many challenging levels as you help Egghead with his search.

Smiley's Adventure

Author: Smiley
Smiley, a happy little blob from Smile City, is out to stop his arch-enemy Frown from stealing the four treasures of happiness. The problem is, he's a blob! He can't even fight! Make sure that Smiley survives and carries out his task; to do this, you must trick Frown into beating himself up. Sometimes this involves careful dodging, and sometimes just a little luck.

Smiley's Adventure II

Author: Smiley
In Smiley II, Frown has returned to battle Smiley yet again. This time, however, both he and Smiley have enlisted the help of others. Fight your way through four levels before finally facing Frown!

Super Pong

Author: Smiley
Super Pong is a variation on the classic game of Pong. The basic concept is the same: two players must hit a ball back and forth, scoring a point each time their opponent misses. Unlike the original game, however, special items are available to assist the players; some of them can make life quite difficult for an opponent! There are several options available for customizing your game, including points needed to win, game speed, and the always interesting "crazy ball" option.

Tile Trouble

Authors: Bill_307, Darren/Solid
Tile Trouble is an unusual puzzle game in which you must pick up more dots than your enemies collect. The enemies move whenever you move, so each step must be carefully planned!

VS 2

Author: Georgie
VS 2 is a multiplayer competition that includes several different minigames. Winning a game gives you one point; collect the most points to defeat your rivals! The number and type of games may be customized for variety. Remember, each game is different, and you will need to master all of them to win!


Unfinished and lost software

Frown's Adventure

Frown's Adventure was to be Smiley's final project made with one of the Click products. It includes fresh new enemies and unique special abilities for Frown to use. There is a short demo, which provides an interesting look at what might have been.


Shades was a project by Xerus featuring the character Shades. The game was to be a lengthy platform game in the style of the Smiley series, but it was never completed. The source is not presently available.

Shadow Realm

Shadow Realm was an early attempt at an RPG by the members of Smiley Productions. The game was an ambitious project, with members of several different organizations contributing ideas. Unfortunately, it was abandoned very early on, and not much of it was completed. The game never got past a few cutscenes, short levels and battle sequences.

Smile Kombat

Smile Kombat was Smiley's first game to win acclaim from the Click community. It was based on Marshmallow Duel, an ancient DOS game that featured two fighters dueling over a pit filled with marshmallow. Bubbles appeared from three sides of the screen, bouncing around until collected by a player.

Smile Kombat itself was superceded by Smile Kombat Gold and is no longer available. SKG is the same as the original Smile Kombat, only with additional levels, improved graphics and music, and two new bubbles.

Smiley III

Smiley III was by far the most ambitious project by Smiley. In the tradition of Smiley's Adventure and Smiley II, Smiley III was to be a 2D platform game; unlike the previous games, however, Smiley would now be able to hurt enemies by stomping on them. Many levels were planned, with a large variety of enemies for Smiley to face.

Smiley RPG

Smiley RPG was an unfinished project with several incarnations, including two demos. The plot was significantly darker and more complex than the Smiley games preceding it. Neither demo for the game still exists, but Mr. Blob created a short intro that is still available.

Smiley Online

Smiley Online was a project headed by Vickor, but involving many other members of Smiley Productions. The game was intended to be a group of online worlds where players could chat while battling each other. Although several areas were completed, the game was never finished, and the source code is currently missing.


OpenClick was a perhaps-too-ambitious project aiming to create an open source replacement for Clickteam's products. The project didn't get very far, but the small amount of completed source code is still available from the official website.

Vitalize! Arcade

Starting with The Games Factory, Clickteam's software included the ability to save projects as Vitalize! games. Vitalize! is a browser plugin that lets you embed games in a web page.

At one time, Smiley Productions had several games that could be played using this plugin. Unfortunately, Vitalize! is only available for Internet Explorer, and few people are willing to unknown plugins. Due to a general lack of interest, the online arcade was scrapped, and the games that it contained have since been lost.